Nose Bleed

(HealthScoutNews) -- Is your kid a nose-bleeder?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has this advice for curbing the flow:

Keep the child in a sitting position with his head tilted slightly forward. Squeeze both nostrils between your thumb and index finger for 10 minutes. This should stop the bleeding. If it doesn't, call your doctor or go to the emergency room.

the webmaster says: my method which works perfect for me. i have a sensitive nose and the dry hot arizona weather causes me to get a lot of nose bleeds.

i get one or two sheets of toilet paper and roll it into what looks like a cigarette thats about an inch and a half long (3.5 cm) and as thick as a cigarette. spit on the roll of paper to make it moist. it should look more like a joint which is american slang for a hand rolled marijuana cigarette

next stuff the wad of toilet paper between your upper lip and your upper front teeth. force the wad to the top of your mouth. the wad of paper presses on two veins which deliver blood to your nose and helps stop the bleeding.

look up at the roof or ceiling until the bleeding stops which takes from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how bad your nose is bleeding. for me the time varies a lot depending on how bad my nose is bleeding.

even though my dad is an asshole i will give him credit for this because he taught me this trick when i was a small child.

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